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January 19, 2010

McDonalds Rolls With It

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On Jan 15, I posted an entry on a favorite Flatout Creation: the Flatout Burger.  The folks at Flatout take pride in the versatile product, and continuously experiment with different recipes and creations.  As you can probably imagine, that means that everything from fruit, to meats, to fish to treats to anything imaginable have been placed in a Flatout at some point.  The Flatout Burger has been a personal favorite for years. 

Last night, I saw a campaign for McDonald’s Mac Snack Wrap (http://www1.mcdonalds.com/macsnackwrap/#/home), and I was FLATOUT shocked… and FLATOUT excited! It is absolutely wonderful that the fastfood industry is incoroporating tortillas into their sandwich… and rollin’ with it!  Obviously, at Flatout, rollin’ with it is something we’v e been doing- and loving doing – for years.  McDonalds offers a variety of chicken snack wraps (http://www1.mcdonalds.com/snackwrap/index.jsp), but the McDonald’s Mac Snack Wrap is McDonald’s first beef snack wrap. Although McDonalds does not use Flatout Flatbread, we are excited to see that they are having FLATOUT fun!


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