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April 7, 2010

Crisps & Dip!

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As you know, we’re crazy about the Crisps. The flavors are FLATOUT terrific, and that’s why I often eat them plain without dip.

When entertaining, however, I absolutely love to present the crisps nicely on a platter with some of my favorite dips.  Getting rid of the bag goes along way, especially when you are in a rush, and need to put together a quick platter.

The Crisp’s zig-zagged shape looks awesome on a platter , and you’d be surprised how great the Crisps look/taste accompanied with dip. Some of my favorite dips are:

Sour cream dip




Sliced Cheeses and soft cheeses such as goat cheese and cream cheese

Marinara sauce (accompanied with the Four Cheese Crisps, it tastes like pizza!)

For the FLATOUT health-conscious: low fat hummus, salsa, Laughing Cow cheese, and pico de gallo taste great with the Sea Salt Crisps.

How do you dip your Crisps???? Let us know. We are FLATOUT curious!

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  1. Flatout Crazy, I am on a diet and I rely on your blog for tips and innovative ideas. YOU ROCK. I used cut out carbs but you have taught me you can eat bread and still lose weight. THANKS FOR THAT. I live in Michigan and would love to find the Flatout Crisps and try them. KEEP IT UP!!

    Comment by Sally — April 7, 2010 @ 8:08 pm

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