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February 8, 2010

Win a FREE bestlife Goody Bag!

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For those of you that don’t know, Flatout is best life approved.

If you are curious about bestlife, check out www.thebestlife.com.   bestlife’s Bob Greene has written over 10 books focusing on weight-loss, health, fitness, and diet.  Two of his books wee co-authored by Oprah Winfrey. He frequently appears on Oprah (he was just on last week!) and he hosts a radio show on the “Oprah and Friends” satellite radio network.  You is also a contributor to O magazine.

 I wanted to let you know about an opportunity to win a free bestlife Goody Bag.  One of the bag’s giveaways is… Flatout!!!  The Bob Greene prize pack includes Body Makeover (DVD), The  BestLifeDiet: Revised and Updated with a foreword by Oprah Winfrey (book), EA Sports Active (fitness product for Nintendo Wii), and EA Sports Active: More Workouts (fitness product for Nintendo Wii).

Plus, Free products and coupons from: Flatout Flatbread, BeneFiber, Nestle Pure Life water, Smart Balance, Silk, Libby’s Pumpkin, Better ’N Eggs.

You can enter this giveaway at the following sites.  Be sure to enter soon, these giveaways expire mid-Feb! GOOD LUCK!http://extratv.warnerbros.com/contests/





December 14, 2009

She-Fit Understands Flatout Fun!

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Check out She-Fit’s recent posting!  Thanks, She-Fit!



November 30, 2009

An Apple A Day Keeps the Doctor Away!

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During this season, I am always cognizant of ways to fight anything from the flu to the common cold.  Apples are the perfect snack to take advantage of to maintain a healthy lifestyle- especially now, when they are in season!  Apples are a terrific source of fiber, and they are easy to incorporate into your diet.

My favorite thing about apples is that they are significantly filling, especially compared to other fruit.  Not only are they easy to pack as part of lunch (whole or chopped into slices), but accompanied with peanut butter, cheese, or other fruit, apples can be even more fulfilling.  And, if you have the time, bring some fun into your apple-eating by apple-picking!  Save the grocery store for when it gets really cold out there!

The Turkey Apple Flatout Wrap is one of my favorite dishes that include apples.

All you need:

1 Flatout Flatbread

2 tsp reduced fat mayonnaise

2 tsp Catalina dressing

1 slice low fat sharp cheddar cheese

3 slices smoked turkey breast

6 thin apple slices

All you need to do:

Whisk together dressing and mayo.  Spread dressing over entire Flatout.  On one rounded end, layer turkey, cheese and apple. Roll, cut and enjoy!

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